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Your feedback is valuable

Input from our customers is crucial to how we innovate our
products. During a research study, we’ll gather your thoughts
to help guide us to build better experiences and develop
products that best serve our customers' needs.

Studies can happen anywhere

If there's anything the global pandemic has taught us,
flexibility is important. Our research activies can take
place in your home or business, online through your computer,
or on a mobile device. You have the ability to choose when,
where, and how you participate. The best part? There is very
little preparation required on your part.

How to participate

When you sign up for the Salesforce Research Program, we'll use
the information you provide to match you to the right studies.
The more details you share with us, the more personal we can be
when inviting you to participate. If you are selected, after your
session you'll receive a small gift in appreciation of your time.
Want to know more before you sign up?

Visit our How it Works Page to learn more.